Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams is a Geometry Dash version focusing on jumping rings. You need to continuously jump in the air to conquer dangerous obstacles.

About Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams

The Geometry Dash series is extremely familiar to online players and this new game also belongs to this famous series. In this Geometry game series, players can transform into geometric characters to conquer challenging platforms. All Geometry versions adhere to this basic principle. Differences between Geometry Dash versions are often expressed through characters and platforms.

When you join Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams, you will also experience differences in platforms and characters. Let's learn about this difference below.

Sweet Dreams Difference

In Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams, the characters and platforms have been innovated. In particular, the appearance of a series of jumping rings will make you face many challenges.

Character Of Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams

The main character in this Sweet Dreams version is Cube, a character who can run and jump on platforms. In addition, this character can also transform into many different shapes to adapt to the conditions of the map. In Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams, you mainly transform into a cube to conquer the platforms.

Platforms With Jumping Rings

In Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams, the platforms have many spikes to challenge the players' control abilities. Besides, your control ability is also challenged by a series of jumping rings. Jumping rings appear a lot on platforms and you have to use them to jump in the air and get over spikes.

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