Subway Surfers is an adventure game with a mischievous boy who is running on train tracks and avoiding police pursuit. Every collision can lead to the end!

Characters In Subway Surfers

Abilities Of The Boy

In this Subway Surfers game, you will transform into a mischievous boy. Because of his pranks, the policeman and his dog are chasing you. Use the boy's ability to escape from this pursuit.

The Boy Character's Abilities

  • The main character in Subway Surfers can run continuously at faster and faster speeds.
  • The boy can use different means of transportation. The boy's famous vehicle is a skateboard.
  • It is possible to collect items and coins on the train tracks. The boy can unlock useful items and increase his achievements.
  • You can complete challenges by collecting letters, reaching certain distances, or using new means of transportation.

As you can know, this character has many suitable abilities to start a running adventure. If you are a fan of speed, this Subway Surfers game is perfectly suitable for you. Besides, there are also many other speed games on our website and you can try Geometry Dash Lite first.

Police Pursuit In Subway Surfers

In this online game, the villain is the policeman who is chasing you. The police also brought a fierce dog to increase the excitement for this Subway Surfers game. The police will constantly follow you on every train track. You don't see the police in normal situations, but the Police character is actually always chasing you. If you are tripped by an obstacle, the Police will immediately catch you.

Effects Of Collision

In Subway Surfers, collisions are the most dangerous. Your character is a boy and he can collide with trains, obstacles, barriers, or warning signs. These collisions all have consequences for you. When you crash, the police will catch up with you and this Subway Surfers game will be over.