Sling Drift is an online speed game where you control your car to navigate dangerous turns. The car-driving way will become more special than ever.

How To Turn Your Car

In this Sling Drift game, players have a special way to control their car through turns.

At curves, there is a milestone on the right or left side of the road. When your car moves near this milestone, you can press and hold your left mouse button. Your car will automatically swing into this milestone to change direction along the curve. This moving way is unique in the speed world. Even if you participate in the most famous game Geometry Dash Lite, you still cannot experience this unique gameplay.

However, this online gameplay also has many difficulties to achieve high achievements.

Difficulties and Prizes of Sling Drift

In this speed game, if you can conquer the difficulties, you can win worthy rewards.

Challenges for Your Car

At curves, your car may collide with curbs. Any collision will cause this Sling Drift game to end. You must always be careful at turns to find the right time to swing.

In addition, Sling Drift's map is also complex with an endless number of turns. The curves can be far apart, but they can also be close together. When you drive your car, you should pay attention to the distance between corners.

Sling Drift Awards

When you win curves, you will win certain achievements. The farther the distance, the more achievements you will win. In particular, you can unlock new cars based on your achievements.