Geometry Dash Poltergeist is inspired by the 3rd level of Geometry Dash Lite. This fan-made version takes you to a new space with the animation of the cube.

The Poltergeist Inspiration

This Geometry Dash Poltergeist version is inspired by the Poltergeist level in the Lite version. Its theme and gameplay are clearly outlined in Geometry Dash Lite. Players can visit the Geometry Dash Lite version for more details.

Because this new game is a fan-made version, it takes a lot of inspiration from the existing levels. Poltergeist is not the only inspiration for this game, but it plays a leading role. With this feature, players can experience many diverse challenges with different styles. If you are bored with traditional versions like Geometry Jump 2, this fan-made version will be ideal for you.

Details Of Geometry Dash Poltergeist

This Poltergeist game gives players many challenges and one of them is walls.

Walls In Geometry Dash Poltergeist

The Geometry Dash series is famous for its dangerous obstacles such as spikes, high walls, and deadly blocks. In Geometry Dash Poltergeist, the publisher focuses on walls. Although there are many other obstacles, walls are always the hardest challenge.

In particular, these walls are of average height. It is not easy to jump over without a support item. In this case, if you have the continuous jumping ability in Geometry Dash 2, you can conquer high walls easily. However, it is not possible in Geometry Dash Poltergeist. Therefore, the only way is to use your control.

Some Jumping Notes

This Geometry Dash Poltergeist game has only one level. Players are not limited in time or number of attempts. Through it, you can practice and memorize obstacles. With your experiences, you can complete this Poltergeist version in the future.