Level Devil is an online challenge-conquering game where dangers come unexpectedly for all players. You will not expect the upcoming dangers.

Missions Of Level Devil

In Level Devil, your task is to control your character to reach the destination. This mission is maintained at all levels of this new game. However, the challenges coming from each level are different. You need to overcome all these dangers as the main mission.

Your mission will become more and more difficult in Level Devil because of unexpected challenges.

Unexpected Running Challenges

Your character needs to reach their destination while avoiding dangers. Some unexpected dangers in Level Devil are listed below.

Unexpected Deep Holes

In Level Devil, you can see deep holes in the first levels. These levels always make your character fall into deep holes. In particular, these deep holes will not appear right from the beginning of a level. They only appear after you move a distance. As a result, the players easily lose.

Double Obstacles

Unexpected deep holes are just one of the obstacles. There are many other dangerous obstacles in Level Devil. In particular, these obstacles can be doubled in subsequent levels.

This Level Devil game does not focus on speed like Lobotomy Dash. Instead, this running game focuses on avoiding unexpected obstacles.