Geometry Dash Wave focuses on the Wave character in the Geometry Dash series. With this character, you can make zigzag paths according to your control.

About Geometry Dash Wave

This new game belongs to the Geometry Dash series where you can have your jumping adventures with 7 characters. However, this Wave version only gives you a single character, Wave. If you are a fan of Wave characters, this new game is ideal for you to experience a unique character. On the contrary, if you want to experience many different moving ways, HGF will meet your needs.

Coming to this Geometry Dash Wave version, you can experience all the features of Geometry Dash including gameplay, graphics, and levels.

Features Of The Wave Edition

Let's move forward with the gameplay of this Wave version!

Gameplay Of Geometry Dash Wave

The gameplay of Wave version is similar to Geometry Dash Poltergeist where you need to control your character to complete all levels. However, the gameplay of Geometry Dash Wave only focuses on the character Wave, who only follows zigzag paths. When you use the joystick, the Wave character will fly up. If you do not use the control key, the Wave character will fly down. The Wave character's flying style is different from the Ship and UFO characters. Instead of flying in the usual way, the Wave character always creates zigzag paths, so it is more difficult to move.

Levels And Graphics

This Geometry Dash Wave game has 7 levels from easy to difficult. Each level has a Wave theme but the difficulty is different. When you join this version, the game graphics are still a colorful neon world. This world of Geometry Dash Wave is attractive to all players.