Crazy Cars is an online speed game with various supercars and exciting racing tracks. All players can choose 1 Player or 2 Player driving mode.

Car-Driving Ways

In Crazy Cars, car control is the most important to win against challenges and other players. Let's learn together how to control your car in each mode.

  • 1-Player Mode: In this single-player mode, you can control your car using WASD to move. In addition, don't forget to use the R key to respawn.
  • 2-Player Mode: In the second mode of Crazy Cars, the first player has the same controls as the 1-Player mode. The second player uses the arrow keys to move and the Enter key to respawn.

These control keys are all familiar to speed enthusiasts. Online games often use these controls and Drive Mad is an example.

Cars And Races Of Crazy Cars

Players need to focus on cars and racing tracks to win this speed game.

Cars Of Crazy Cars

When you join this online game, you can only control one car on the racing tracks. However, you can unlock many different cars and take them on challenges. Each car will have its own functions and indicators. You can choose the right car to conquer the challenges of Crazy Cars.

Races For Scores

In Crazy Cars, players can not only participate in 1-player or 2-player races but can also conquer races for scores. You can visit the Race Scores section to track available races. Some notable races are Flat Out, The Slide, Drag Race, and Over Egg Mountain.