Geometry Dash Scratch is a simplified geometry version that is programmed on a Scratch platform. This online version is suitable for all devices!

Geometry Dash Scratch Around The World

This Geometry version takes you to different online lands to discover wonderful things. Like Wonderland, the Geometry Dash Scratch land will also be extremely awesome. Players from all over the world can participate in this new game.

This new game is a version of the Geometry Dash series. When you join a Scratch instance, players can use multiple devices. Devices with weak configurations can also participate in this online game. This game is designed by Scratch platform, a simple platform. Therefore, the graphics and effects of Geometry Dash Scratch are not too high. As a result, you can play geometry on any online device. This feature creates a great condition for players to access more easily.

In addition, you can access Geometry Dash Scratch anywhere in the world. You just need to ensure an internet connection for long journeys.

Scratch Levels And Destinations

In Geometry Dash Scratch, players can experience 3 levels.

3 Geometry Dash Scratch Levels

Three levels are Stereo Madness, Back on Track, and Polargeist with 3 different themes. Each level will take you to different topics. The themes of the levels are not fixed and extensive, as they are levels created by the player community in the Scratch environment. However, the levels of Geometry Dash Scratch can be described as follows.

  • Stereo Madness is an introductory level in Geometry Dash Scratch. Its theme is a bright, colorful, and joyful environment. This level usually has simple blocks and basic obstacles for players to get used to the gameplay and control of the character.
  • The Back on Track level has a dynamic theme with increased difficulty compared to Stereo Madness. It can have a space environment, with rhythmic and fast tracks. Its themes are modish while remaining fun and vibrant.
  • The Polargeist level is themed around snow and icy environments. It has more complex obstacles and blocks than the previous two levels. This theme can create a cold and generalized feeling, with a focus on white, blue, and gray. This theme is similar to the hardest level of Geometry Dash Lite.

Destinations Of Geometry Dash Scratch

The goal of the Stereo Madness, Back on Track, and Polargeist levels is to complete the level by overcoming all the obstacles and completing each level successfully.

During the gameplay, the player will have to focus and control his character to avoid collisions with obstacles, jump over walls and pipes, and at the same time synchronize with the music and rhythm of the game.

The point of each level in Geometry Dash Scratch is not only to pass it but also to challenge yourself, and strengthen your reflexes. Players will feel satisfied and successful when overcoming each obstacle and completing levels continuously.