Drive Mad is a truck-controlling game where you need to control your vehicle to reach your destination. On the road, countless dangers await online players.

About Drive Mad

Welcome to a new running game on our Geometry Dash Lite website! There are many interesting running games on our website and the Geometry Dash series stands out. Players can enjoy exciting adventures with special characters.

In this Drive Mad game, players can control a truck with a special structure. With these adventures, players can not only have fun but also show off their control abilities. Each level of Drive Mad offers unique challenges for online players, so the game becomes an ideal opportunity to show off your skills.

Challenges And Destinations

In Drive Mad, the two most important factors are challenges and destination. Let's learn together about the impact of these two factors on your truck.

Challenges Of Drive Mad

This online game brings challenges through each level. Each level has unique challenges for your truck. You may face rough roads, deep holes, unstable bridges, or dangerous obstacles. All of these challenges can appear at any level.

To solve these challenges, your truck has a special structure with 4 wheels of different sizes. As a result, your truck can adapt to more terrain and obstacles.

Destination Of Each Level

In Drive Mad, players need to reach their destination to move to the next level. Each level has a unique destination. To reach this destination, online players need to conquer challenges and protect their trucks.

To move in Drive Mad, you just need to use the arrow keys.