Press Space to start Dinosaur Game where you control a T-rex to jump over a series of cacti. Your journey will face various challenges from speed and obstacles.

Start With Spacebar

Welcome to Dinosaur Game where you can control T-rex with many different joysticks. You can use the spacebar or up arrow key for your dinosaur. However, the first control key is always the spacebar. You need to use the spacebar to start this online game. After that, you can use other alternative controls for your dinosaur.

New players may not pay attention to this feature and face difficulty when starting out. It's easy to get started, so don't let it get you down!

T-rex And Cacti

In Dinosaur Game, your main character is the T-rex dinosaur and the main obstacle is cacti.

T-rex Character

This Dinosaur Game offers a great opportunity for you to become a dinosaur and go on adventures. Your dinosaur can continuously run forward and make jumps to overcome obstacles.

The T-rex character is not as flexible as the boy in Subway Surfers because he can move in all four directions with full control keys. However, Dinosaur Game does not lose its fun.

Cacti In Dinosaur Game

The main obstacle is cacti in Dinosaur Game. You need to jump over cacti of different sizes. Besides, these cacti also have different distances. Therefore, to conquer the farthest distance, players need to have control skills and quick reactions to avoid these dangerous obstacles.