Geometry Dash 2 is the second version of the popular Geometry Dash series. This version allows you to perform continuous jumps in the air without any items.

Special Skills In The New Version

Welcome to the second edition of the Geometry Dash World! This game series always gives you jumping skills to jump over obstacles. To jump in the air, you need support items such as jumping pads or jumping rings. However, in this Geometry Dash 2 version, players can still perform aerial jumps without any support items.

To perform these jumps, you just need to click consecutively and your character will jump continuously. In particular, the jump height will gradually increase. As a result, you can jump over high walls without any support items. New players of Geometry Dash 2 may miss this ability and be unable to conquer the new version. Pay attention to this special ability!

New Journeys In Geometry Dash 2

In this second version, players can experience new journeys with new rules.

Rules Of Levels And Worlds

This Geometry Dash 2 game is divided into 4 different worlds. Each world will include many levels for cube characters to challenge their mobility. Except for Level 1 of World 1, all other levels and worlds are locked. This is the special feature of this second version. You need to unlock levels and worlds in order. This feature is completely different from Geometry Dash Meltdown where you can play any level without ordering.

Moving Rules Of Geometry Dash 2

Geometry Dash 2 has the familiar movement of the Geometry Dash series. You just need to use the joystick to control your character through platforms and obstacles. However, pay attention to the space portals. Instead of transforming your character, dimensional portals change the direction of your movement.