Geometry Dash World is a Geometry game with the world exploration theme. Space Pirates, Striker, Embers, Round 1, and Monster Dance Off are its 5 levels.

5 Geometry Dash World Levels

As you can know above, there are 5 main levels in this Geometry version. Let's learn the basic details of these levels.

  • Space Pirates is the first level of Geometry Dash World with a space and pirate theme. This level has a space theme with meteors, stars, and spaceship elements. In this level, you have to your ship as a pirate to overcome obstacles and avoid collisions through different stages.
  • Striker is a fast and dramatic level. This second level focuses on precise jumps to avoid obstacles and overcome difficult passages. This level can challenge players with speed and complexity in performing rhythmic movements.
  • Embers is the third world full of obstacles and jumps. This level has a nice design with fire elements and new scenery. Players have to overcome blazing and avoid obstacles to progress far in the game.
  • Round 1 is the fourth level with a colorful graphic style. It has winding paths and diverse obstacles. At this level, you will face new challenges with various character shapes. Therefore, you have to shape your character's movement trajectory to avoid collisions after each change of character shape.
  • Monster Dance Off is the most difficult level of Geometry Dash World. It has monster characters and exciting music. At this level, you can move and dance with the music to overcome challenges.

These levels in this Geometry Dash version offer variety, challenge, and fun experiences for players. Note that these levels will provide new items to support your moving journey. Two significant items are jumping pads and jumping rings. If you play Geometry Dash Lite, you will know the exciting functions of these items.

Exploration World Theme

The Exploration World theme in Geometry Dash World is a special theme that takes players on an adventure to explore new landscapes and worlds. This theme is completely different from Geometry Dash, the original version of this game series.

Space Of Geometry Dash World

With the theme of Exploration World, this Geometry game offers diverse and beautiful environments. You can immerse yourself in lush green fields, deep jungles, arid deserts, icy terrains, or rebellious volcanoes. Each environment is designed with sophistication to give players an engaging experience.

Mystery And Challenge

The Exploration World theme creates a feeling of expansion and discovery. It will arouse the curiosity and exploration of players when joining Geometry Dash World. Players will explore new landscapes, discover hidden mysteries, and overcome harsh challenges. Through overcoming difficult stages, players have the opportunity to access new areas and unlock additional features.

With the Exploration World Theme, Geometry Dash World creates an imaginative space to encourage players to experience unique challenges.