Geometry Dash is the original platform-jumping game for this popular series. This classic version was released first for online players to jump over spikes.

About Geometry Series

The Geometry series is the most famous game series in the online gaming world. Characteristics of this series are fast-paced gameplay, a series of obstacles, and many diverse levels. Let's review some outstanding features of Geometry Dash!

Account And Icon

In this Geometry game, players do not need to use any accounts to participate in the game. You just need to click on the game to start your online journey. In many other online games, an account is needed to store resources and personal achievements. However, it is useless for this Geometry series because all players have to start from scratch every time they play. This feature brings fairness to all veteran players and new players.

In addition, icons are also a feature of this Geometry Dash game. Players can see the cube character featured on this icon. This is your main character with a yellow square shape and blue eyes and mouth.

Besides, you can also see a triangle which is an obstacle on the path. This simple icon represents all the important elements of the Geometry game.

Geometry Dash Achievements

When you participate in geometry games, you can achieve a lot of achievements. The first achievement is to complete all levels of the GD game. The levels are challenging for all players because of a series of thorny obstacles. Therefore, when you complete these levels, you can demonstrate your abilities and qualifications.

Second, the players also want to collect 3 stars for each level. Each level contains 3 stars that can be placed in any position. At different levels, the positions of the coins are different. In addition, coins are often placed in dangerous locations. Therefore, conquering 3 stars at each level is a proud achievement.

These two achievements are the most attractive to players. Players always want to complete them, but it’s extremely challenging. The first challenge is the obstacles that prevent you from completing all the levels. Geometry Dash players must overcome these dangerous obstacles to reach their destination safely. The second challenge comes from collecting coins. As you can know, it is challenging to conquer a level, but it is even more difficult to collect the coins. Coins are always placed in the most complicated locations. Many players have failed when trying to collect the coins.

Geometry Dash All Levels

The original version has fewer levels than Geometry Dash Lite. You can only experience 3 levels: Stereo Madness, Back on Track, and Polargeist. They are 3 famous levels in Geometry Dash game with interesting challenges and experiences.

Stereo Madness: Stereo Madness is the first level which is characterized by bright colors, fun music, and simple graphical environments. This level is an ideal start for players to get used to the controls and feel the rhythm of the game.

Back on Track: Back on Track is the second level in Geometry Dash to offer a bright graphical environment and vibrant music. However, this level has increased difficulty with faster speed and more complex obstacles. Players have the opportunity to experience jumping pads to successfully overcome challenges in Back on Track.

Polargeist: Polargeist is the third level in Geometry Dash with the ice and snow environment. Polargeist presents a space formed by ice formations and cold colors. This level has jumping rings as its highlight. Besides, unique graphics and music highlights help create a great experience for Polargeist players.

All three levels Stereo Madness, Back on Track and Polargeist offer a unique combination of music, graphics, and exciting gameplay. Players will experience different challenges, practice their skills, and feel the rhythm of the game as they progress through these levels.