Geometry Jump 2 is the next version of Geometry Jump with magical cube jumps. Cube can jump over obstacles, move across platforms, and fly through the air.

Geometry Jump Series

This Geometry Jump series is a sub-branch of Geometry Dash. Currently, there are only two versions in this small branch. These two versions both focus on the character's jumps instead of all 7 movement skills.

As you can know, your character can change appearance and movement in Geometry Dash versions. In Geometry Jump 2, you can also make this change thanks to space portals. However, the number of times will be less than in other versions because this second version focuses on jumps. If you love this moving way with jumping skills, Geometry Jump 2 will be suitable for you.

Details Of Geometry Jump 2

When it comes to this Geometry Jump version, players need to understand the gameplay and levels of the game.

Gameplay of Geometry Jump 2

The gameplay of the second Geometry Jump game is similar to Geometry Dash Full Version where you also control your cube character with the spacebar, up arrow key, or left mouse button. Cube's skills include jumping over obstacles, moving across platforms, and transforming through portals. With these skills, players can enjoy a thrilling adventure. A lot of experiences are given to you in Geometry Jump 2.

All Jumping Levels

Six levels are available in this Geometry Jump 2 game. They are Hexagon Force, Blast Processing, Theory of Everything 2, Geometrical Dominator, Deadlocked, and Fingerdash. The number of levels is less than the first version, but these new themes are extremely attractive. You have never seen these topics in any Geometry version.