Geometry Dash Easy is the easiest Geometry Dash version to conquer the destination. Obstacles, platforms, and support items are all kept as minimal as possible.

The Easiest Geometry Version

This Geometry Dash Easy game is considered the easiest version for so many reasons. The first reason is ease of movement. Players can move easily through obstacles because the obstacles are simply arranged. There are many safe areas for players to move around. Besides, there aren't many jumping pads and rings, so you don't need to make many changes.

The second reason is the speed of Geometry Dash Easy. This new game brings average speed to cube characters. Therefore, you can control your character more easily than other versions. A good example is Geometry Dash Bloodbath, the hardest version of the Geometry Dash series. Your character will move at maximum speed in the Bloodbath version. These two speeds are truly worlds apart.

Theme Of Geometry Dash Easy

This Easy game has no specific theme. This version simply brings challenges for players to conquer a new trophy. If you want to participate in editions with clear themes, you can join Geometry Dash SubZero. In the Subzero version, you can enjoy the winter world that covers the entire game.