Tomb of the Mask is a maze running game. In this online game, you must conquer complex mazes with arrow keys while avoiding dangers and traps.

Mazes In Tomb of the Mask

In this online game, players will control their characters to conquer mazes. These mazes all have special structures to challenge the players' control abilities.

In these mazes, Tomb of the Mask players can face many dangers coming from obstacles. Obstacles can be mounted on walls. If your character collides with obstacles, your character will be destroyed. Therefore, when you move in these mazes, you need to be extremely careful of the dangers. These dangers can come in many different ways.

How to Conquer Mazes

In Tomb of the Mask, your mission is to conquer mazes to advance to new levels.

How to Move in the Maze

To control your character, you just need to use the arrow keys. Your character can move flexibly in all four directions to conquer complex mazes. The players can move forward, backward, and move left and right. With this moving way, you just need to avoid dangers while moving and victory will come to you.

This moving way can be similar to Pacman where you also control the Pacman character to conquer mazes. These two online games have similar characteristics but the challenges are extremely unique.

End Of Tomb of the Mask

You can progress to new levels when your character reaches the finish line. This destination is usually located at the end of each maze. Conquering these destinations will challenge your control ability. Are you ready to conquer all the levels of Tomb of the Mask?