Stack Bounce is a level-conquering game by destroying all the platforms on a pile. This pile will rotate continuously to prevent your success.

Platforms Of Stack Bounce

Platforms are divided into two categories: safe platforms and dangerous platforms.

  • Dangerous platforms are always black. When your ball hits the black platforms, the Stack Bounce game will end and you must replay the level.
  • Secure platforms are all that remain. These platforms can change color with each level. During the gameplay, your ball can destroy these platforms to get points.

In Slope, the platforms are the paths for your ball. In Stack Bounce, platforms are subject to destruction. These two online games share the same two subjects but the gameplay is completely different. In particular, the platforms in Stack Bounce always rotate to create challenges for players.

Challenges For Your Ball

There are many challenges in this online Stack Bounce game. Players can face two main challenges: the rotation of the pile and the arrangement of the platforms.

Speed Of The Pile

In Stack Bounce, the pile always rotates at a steady speed while you have to control the ball on the pile. As a result, your control will be greatly affected by the pile's movement speed. Dangerous platforms can gradually move towards you. You need to be careful and aware of these upcoming dangers.

Stack Bounce Arrangement

This online game arranges alternating platforms. You may encounter dangerous platforms mixed in with safe platforms. While moving, you need to observe carefully to avoid dangerous platforms in a timely manner.

In conclusion, this Stack Bounce game offers players many levels with challenges and fun. You can conquer all the levels by destroying the platforms. Wish you have fun moments with Stack Bounce!