Paper.io 2 is a multiplayer game where you transform into a cube with the ability to draw endless lines. You can move this character to dominate lands.

Multiplayer Cube Battles

Welcome to Paper.io 2 where you can compete with other players like a cube! Each player transforms into a cube and has the same abilities. When you enter a cube match, everything is fair for all players. You need to quickly surpass other online players and conquer the top positions on the rankings.

In addition, these battles will be extremely thrilling because the number of players is large. Cube wars will become increasingly intense to gain the leadership position on the map. If you want to conquer this ranking, start this competitive game now!

Line-Drawing Ability In Paper.io 2

In this fighting game, all players can draw straight lines and this is the ability that determines the win or loss of each player.

How To Draw Line

Each online game has different winning factors. In Stack Bounce, the deciding factor in winning is avoiding black platforms among a series of other platforms. In Paper.io 2, this important element is drawing lines. Players need to draw lines to get pieces of land. When you have a lot of land, your rank will automatically increase on the leaderboard.

Players can draw lines by moving their mouse. Wherever you move, your cube character will create a tail to mark that piece of land.

Protection in Paper.io 2

Players need to know how to protect their cubes in all matches. Your cube character will be destroyed if other players can touch your tail. As a result, you need to protect this tail carefully. Conversely, you can also attack other players in Paper.io 2 by stabbing their tails.