Pacman is a running game inspired by classic Pacman. Your mission is to run through the mazes and collect light spots while avoiding the pursuit of ghosts.

Maze Of Pacman

In this running game, players will run in mazes. Instead of straight paths in Geometry Dash Wave, you will move through a complex maze where the paths are connected to each other. Players can always move from one path to another. Based on the structure of the maze, players can face new difficulties to find their way. As a result, you need high navigation ability to beat the mazes.

In particular, in Pacman's maze, you also face a challenge from ghosts. Ghosts of many colors are always chasing you. You will lose one life if they catch you. Therefore, you need to avoid these monsters while moving in the maze. Note that ghosts can move in many different ways, so danger can come from many directions.

Tips For Pacman

To win this new game, online players need effective strategies to defeat a series of mazes. The two most effective strategies are discussed below.

Advantages Of White Balls

As you can know, your mission in Pacman is to collect all the light spots to move to the next level. However, in the light spots, there are large white balls. These balls allow you to slow down ghosts. As a result, you can move through the maze more easily. The ghosts will have a hard time catching you at that speed.

Pacman's Connecting Paths

Pacman's maze always has interconnected paths. Players can move from the left to the right of the maze and vice versa. With this moving way, you can avoid the pursuit of ghosts more easily.