Play Lobotomy Dash to experience controlled gameplay in a complex maze. Instead of running straight forward, your cube can move in four directions.

Maze In Lobotomy Dash

In this new geometry game, players can experience a complex maze and test their abilities. This maze is built from many different smiley faces. There are high walls, small paths, and obstacles. This maze contains many different structures, so players always face many challenges. It is not easy to escape the maze of Lobotomy Dash.

Gameplay With Four Directions

Unlike Geometry Dash Red World Rebirth, you can move your character in 4 directions.

Four Directions In Lobotomy Dash

This online game allows your character to move in 4 directions. It is completely different from other Geometry versions. Normally, your cube character can only move forward continuously. This Lobotomy Dash game is different because your character can move towards the left, right, up, and down.

With this moving way, you can move freely in the maze.

Controls Of Lobotomy Dash

You can move your character in 4 different directions with the arrow keys.