Jumping Shell is a cube-controlling game to reach the destination. Your cube can transform into a mini shape and merge with the shell to become larger.

Features Of Your Cube

In this Jumping Shell game, your character is also a cube character. This character appears in the Geometry Dash series like Geometry Dash Lite. However, in this new game, this cube character has new characteristics.

In terms of appearance, this cube character has a striking red color. With mischievous eyes, your cube always shows lovely and interesting expressions.

In terms of abilities, this cube character can transform into a mini cube by escaping its shell. After that, you can also merge with the shell to become a large cube. You can use these two abilities flexibly to conquer mazes.

Mazes Of Jumping Shell

Your cube character will move through the maze to reach the exit. Let's learn together about the characteristics of the mazes in Jumping Shell.

Characteristics Of Labyrinths

In Jumping Shell, mazes have many paths, but only one successful path. Players need to find this path to reach the exit safely.

After finding a safe path, players must conquer the obstacles in the maze. Mazes have obstacles, deep holes, and high walls. If you cannot overcome these challenges, you cannot advance to new levels in Jumping Shell.

How to Move in the Maze

To move the cube and mini cube character, you just need to use the arrow keys. Your character can move freely in the mazes of Jumping Shell. In addition, to transform into mini form, you just need to press the arrow keys twice in a row. You can flexibly transform between two character types to conquer all of Jumping Shell's mazes.