Geometry Jump World is a new around-the-world version of the geometry series. This version focuses mainly on the magical jump steps of the cube character.

About Geometry Jump World

Welcome to a new Geometry edition on our Geometry Dash Lite website! That's right, our website focuses mainly on Geometry Dash versions with typical platform-jumping gameplay. In these versions, players have the opportunity to prove themselves against dangerous obstacles and complex terrain.

There are many Geometry Dash versions with different themes and Geometry Jump World is one of the most famous versions. This version is famous for its around-the-world theme. It gives you many different levels and each level is a location. Players can run across different locations and explore new lands. With your adventures, you can explore many online environments and improve your control skills.

This Jump Uworld version is an official version of the developer. Therefore, it has more levels than the fan-made versions. You can clearly see this characteristic with Geometry Dash Duelo Maestro. Besides, the game's graphics and effects are also designed more meticulously.

Maps And Levels

As you can know, Geometry Jump World has many levels corresponding to different lands. Players can clearly see this feature through the map.

Maps Of Geometry Jump World

This Geometry game is divided into two worlds on the map.

  • The first world is a light world with green grass areas. In this Geometric land, you can see rocky mountains, castles, and blue streams. The unique combination of these wonders creates an amazing map. Alternating between these terrains, players can see checkpoints. That is the location of the levels that you must conquer.
  • The second world is the world of darkness. This second world is completely opposite to the first world. The first world brings a peaceful feeling while the second world brings a scary feeling. An abandoned factory with a green toxic river stands out against a dark background. With just these two images, players can immediately recognize the theme of this second world.

These two worlds are clearly shown on the map. To move from one world to another, you just need to use the Arrow symbols on the map. Through this map, players can track their progress in Geometry Jump World.

11 Geometry Levels

The Geometry Jump World game offers 11 levels in two worlds. The first world has 5 levels and the second world has 6 levels. These 11 levels are unique and they only have similarities in theme. Obstacles, paths, and challenges increase with each level. Therefore, this game is an ideal game to improve your control through 11 levels. If you can conquer the 11th level, you can become a talented player.

Note that levels in Geometry Jump World require playing in order. You cannot choose any level like Geometry Dash Meltdown. Although this feature makes the game difficult in terms of level, it helps players have an accurate orientation. Players always follow a default route, which is considered the most reasonable for the players.