Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles is a hard version of the geometry series. This version gives you the magical transformation of the cube character.

The Ultimate Circles

In Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles, you can experience a variety of challenges with circles. Circles appear in many different positions in this new version. However, these circles are obstacles with sharp spikes. The circles are covered by spikes, so they are dangerous to your character. When your character touches these circles, the game will end immediately. This feature is reminiscent of Cycles Level. Cycles is the 9th level of Geometry Dash Lite where you also participate in challenges with circles. Perhaps, this fan-made version is inspired by this level.

Many fan-made versions are inspired by official versions or single levels. Can you guess the inspiration behind Geometry Dash Count To Ten, another fan-made geometry version?

Details Of Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles

When you join this new game, you may be impressed by its difficulty.

Ultimate Circles Difficulty

This Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles version has a high difficulty compared to Geometry Dash Easy. Your character will be a Ship right from the start and it will face a row of spikes immediately. A series of sharp spikes are put in a long line and several circles are in the air. Your mission will be to skillfully control your Ship to move through this dangerous area. After that, a series of challenges are waiting for you.

Through a few details, you can see the difficulty of this Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles game.

Differences with Previous Versions

Geometry Dash Ultimate Circles' differences are clearly shown through its theme, obstacles, platforms, and difficulty. The speed of this new game does not change much compared to previous geometry versions.