Play Geometry Dash Flappy UFO to experience the Flappy Bird gameplay in the geometry dash world. Let's become a ship and fly over all spikes piles.

Geometry Dash Flappy UFO Version

This new geometry game brings you exciting new gameplay based on familiar features. Let's learn about these features of Geometry Dash Flappy UFO!

Flappy Bird Gameplay

In Geometry Dash Flappy UFO, the gameplay is inspired by Flappy Bird where you control a bird to fly over piles. This geometry game has a similar character. The Ship character can fly and perform bird-like movements. As a result, this Geometry Dash Flappy UFO game gives you similar gameplay.

In this new game, you must control your Ship to fly up and down to avoid colliding with spiked piles. This gameplay is familiar to online players because Flappy Bird is extremely famous.

Features Of Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

The Flappy Bird gameplay is released, but the familiar features are still maintained. Start Geometry Dash Flappy UFO, you are still a cube. After that, you use a jumping pad to jump through a space portal. Through this space portal, you can transform into Ship and begin your adventure.

These features are all outstanding features of the Geometry Dash series. This fan-made version is absolutely outstanding with this unique combination.

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