Play Geometry Dash Count To Ten to enjoy the unique movement of platforms. The order of the numbers is the order of platform and movement direction.

Order Of Numbers

This Geometry Dash Count To Ten game gives you numbers from 1 to 10. If you can collect all 10 of these numbers, you can completely win this Geometry game. However, it is not easy because the difficulty of the game will increase according to the order of the numbers. It is easy to conquer the first 3 numbers. However, you will face many challenges in the next numbers.

Change of Movement Direction

This Geometry Dash Count To Ten game surprises with the change of movement direction. In Geometry Dash Bloodbath, all players generally move from left to right throughout their journey. There is no change in moving direction. However, this Count To Ten version is completely different.

Your character starts from left to right. Once you reach number 4, your character will change direction from right to left. Signs of this change are dimensional portals. As you move through the portals, not only does your character change, but also the movement direction.

Obstacles Of Geometry Dash Count To Ten

Besides the movement direction, the obstacles also change a lot according to the numbers. The larger the numbers, the greater the number of obstacles. Besides, obstacles can become more complex and dangerous with movement. Moving obstacles is always a big challenge for Geometry Dash players.

Only Fan-Made Level

This Geometry Dash Count To Ten game is also a fan-made version, so it only has one level. This characteristic is clearly shown in Geometry Dash Black Off. If you are an adventurous person, this version of Geometry Dash Count To Ten is perfect for you.