Cubes 2048.io is a multiplayer online game where you collect blocks with numbers. The same numbers can be merged to create a stronger character.

Blocks And Numbers

In Cubes 2048.io, blocks and numbers are the two most important elements. The blocks contain numbers and you need to collect these blocks. Once collected, similar numbers can merge and create bigger numbers and the larger the number, the higher your power. As a result, you can fight vigorously in this multiplayer game.

Characters with low numbers are always the most vulnerable on the map.

Rules Of Cubes 2048.io

In this multi-player game, players need to pay attention to the rules of control and combat.

Block-Controlling Rules

In Cubes 2048.io, players can control their character with the mouse. When you move the mouse, your block character will move in that direction. Besides, you can speed up by holding down the left mouse button. However, acceleration time is limited for block characters.

Note that you can collect speed boosters on the game screen.

Attacks Of Cubes 2048.io

In this online game, players can attack other players with smaller numbers. You just need to touch that player to collect blocks. In addition, you can also attack other players with larger numbers. However, you can only cut off the tails of these characters.

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