Caves FRVR takes you to a world of speed and control in a dark cave. In this new game, you can move and conquer admirable distances with arrow keys.

About Caves FRVR

Welcome to this new speed game! On our website, you can enjoy many unique speed games like Geometry Dash Flappy UFO. The geometry versions all have similar gameplay. If you want to experience a new gameplay, you can try Caves FRVR.

This online game will take you into an endless and dark cave. Your mission is to control your spaceship to collect items, recharge, avoid obstacles, and reach the farthest distance.

Spaceship Controls

In Caves FRVR, the most important task is controlling the spaceship.

How to Control Spaceship

To control Caves FRVR, you just need to use the arrow keys. Your spaceship can move up, left, and right. With this moving way, your spaceship can move comfortably in the cave. You just need to make sure to control the spacecraft stably.

Movement Of Caves FRVR

Your spaceship begins to move in a dark and endless cave. As a result, you can reach the farthest distances possible to achieve admirable achievements.

However, during the move, you need to pay attention to a few characteristics.

  • Your spaceship has limited power and you need to go to power stations.
  • You can collect diamonds and treasure chests.
  • Treasure chests can bring you many useful items.
  • Caves FRVR game will end if you crash 5 times.