A Difficult Game About Climbing is an extreme control game. Not only is it difficult for you to move through the terrain, but also how to control the character.

Extreme Controlling Way

This A Difficult Game About Climbing is more challenging than the Jumping Shell game because you have to control the character with two joysticks at the same time. In this climbing game, your character uses both hands to move, so you need two joysticks to control. These two control keys are the left and right mouse keys. Of course, not all situations require you to use both hands. However, you also need to use both hands for most of your climbing.

When you use both joysticks for a long time, you may get tired and give up the game. Can you overcome this challenge to conquer other challenges? There are many other challenges and the highlight is the terrain of this online game.

Terrain Of A Difficult Game About Climbing

In this online game, you mainly face cliff terrain.

Steep Cliffs

In this A Difficult Game About Climbing, players must climb steep and dangerous cliffs. Players try to cling to these cliffs to move. In addition, the cliffs also have empty holes where you have to move to other areas. These are challenging areas because the players can fall at any time.

Other Terrains of A Difficult Game About Climbing

Besides cliffs, you can also encounter streams, lakes, or ancient citadels. In these new areas, you have to move with the previous method but the challenges have changed. Therefore, players need to be flexible and come up with appropriate strategies in A Difficult Game About Climbing.